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Location Based Content Management 

The DropSpot App for iOS

Mobile Location Based

Content Management System 

DropSpot is an iOS mobile app that leverages a map-based user experience to store content.
Here's How:
Drop a Spot on the map.
Upload Images, Text, Videos or Documents into the Spot.
Now you have a repository of content & data about that spot- anything you want to store about that location, so you have a record that you can save and share.  

Manage Your Location Based Content

Organize Content By Location

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DropSpot provides analytics and reporting that give you insight all of your location based content

For Business

Sharing Spots is an an amazing way to collaborate around places that matter.

Share location based content with colleagues or clients
Gain More Insight
Location Based Content Management is a powerful way to collaborate.

DropSpot for Everyone

With the DropSpot app, you can receive all of your local friend's favorite spots in seconds. 

Check out the DropSpot app on iPhone

You might have noticed that once you drop a spot, or find another one you like, you can post whatever digital content you want inside: pictures, text, videos or documents. 

Some folks have come up with some pretty interesting ideas on what to do with DropSpot when they aren't busy recommending places.

Want to Drop your own Spots? 
Go for it! Let's see what you got.