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Close the Deal

Provide Offers and Discounts to add extra incentive when a recommendation is made.
Think about it: a trusted local just recommended your place to someone new in town who is looking to explore.
What better way to seal the deal than offer up a discount?
We'll display it right in the DropSpot app to get their feet moving in your direction.

Close the Deal

Know Who is Sending You Business

When you sign up for DropSpot Insights for your business, you get a monthly report:
Who is recommending & referring your business
How many people looked at your business  
How many visits resulted from the recommendation
Find out how much the locals are helping your business.
That's just the start.

Be the Talk of the Town

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing
Know who is recommending your business

Local Influencers are Using DropSpot to Recommend Local Business

You are running a business. You want people walking through your door.
There are people in your town who are always getting asked where to go or what to do. We call them local influencers.
You probably know these folks, because they already know and love your business. When a stranger comes into town asking for a recommendation, the answer they give sends people to your establishment.
They are the hotel concierge, the Airbnb host, a driver for a shuttle service, or perhaps the information center downtown.
They send people to you. What you don't know is who is doing it the most and just how much it is happening. 
Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing you can have. With DropSpot, you can measure it, and take steps to improve it.  
When you treat your local influencers well, great things can happen for your business.
Get a reputation for rewarding those who recommending your business. They'll keep sending you customers, and word will spread.
See below for some ways that businesses are rewarding those that are creating word-of-mouth buzz.
(Hint: most of the time, influencers are not looking for $$)


Perhaps the best thing you can do is to recognize the influencers and the business they've sent your way.

A thank you, a pat on the back, or a well timed high-five will take you far.

Grow Your Business

Reward your Influencers

Build Your Local Business Community