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People ask you for local recommendations all the time.
Where is there a cool coffee shop?
Where do I get a great burger?
Where do the locals hang out?
You share your knowledge, and send people to local business spots every day. 
Now, there is a way to track all the business you are sending.
When you share your favorite spots with DropSpot, your recommendations will get noticed by the businesses you send people to.
It's easy to get started. Sign up for the DropSpot Influencer Network.

Hello Local Influencers

Welcome to the Referral Economy

Airbnb Hosts
Hotel Conceirges
Shuttle Drivers
Locals in a Tourist Town
Thanks to you, local businesses get a lot of customers.

We like how technology can help people discover cool stuff and foster local community too. 

One day, we started talking to people who get asked for recommendations a lot. Turns out, there's a ton of local influencers driving business all over town. Most of the recipients of this business have no idea just how much that word-of-mouth is sending people to their door.


Who are these Influencers we wondered? Sometimes it happens on the job; sometimes it's the nature of their job. Sometimes they are just out and about in the community when they're asked. Who doesn't like to share local knowledge with others?


Businesses are always trying to connect with these folks. They jump up and down, wave their hands in the air, invite them to dinner, and some other things that don't really work. All that jumping and waving and inviting is hard work. 

There has to be a better way; and guess what? There is. It's called DropSpot. We connect the recommenders to the recommended. 

Co-founders John and Ryan are based in Colorado.

About DropSpot

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DropSpot provides analytics and reporting that give you insight into who your local influencers are

Run a Local Business?

Harness Word of Mouth

Offer discounts and deals to help ensure a local's recommendation turns into a visit

Encourage and reward people who are sending business your way. Build trust and ties in your business community.

Word of mouth referrals are the best way to get new business. It's perhaps the most important marketing channel you have. Now you can manage it.
Gain More Insight
Get More Customers
Give Back
Leverage our network of local influencers to get more customers walking through your door. 

DropSpot for Everyone

We all know getting local recommendations is key. With the DropSpot app, you can receive all of your local friend's favorite spots in seconds. No more trying to remember the name of the place or where it's located. Plus, you can get special deals for showing up and help foster a stronger connection between your local friend and the business community. What could be better than that!?

Check out the DropSpot app on iPhone

Let's face it, some of the coolest spots in towns are not in the dining magazines. Why? Because they don't have to be. You might have noticed that once you Drop(a)Spot, or find another one you like, you can post whatever digital content you want inside: pictures, text, videos or documents. 

Some folks have come up with some pretty interesting ideas on what do to with DropSpot when they aren't busy recommending places. Find out below:

Want to Drop your own Spots? 
Go for it! Let's see what you got.
DropSpot keeps track when you send people to your favorite local spots

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