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When you use DropSpot to recommend spots, you also hook up the people asking for your local insight.
We are working with your favorite local places to provide discounts and offers so you give more than a recommendation.
They get discounts and deals - thanks to you.
DropSpot links right into other apps that have local reviews, intel and navigation into the spots you recommend.

Hook em up

How it works

Apply to join the DropSpot influencer network.
It's pretty simple
Once you've been accepted, we'll set you up with everything you need to know.
You'll need to pick out your favorite spots. We'll do the rest.
Once your spotlist page is ready, point people to it when you are recommending your spots.
Here is an example of an influencer in Breckenridge, CO: spotrecs.com/ryan
That's all there is to it. 
We'll be in touch with stats on how folks are using your recommendations, and with special offers from local merchants.
When you recommend your favorite spots to people
new to town, keep track.
DropSpot is how. 

Your Recommendations Help Local Businesses

You've sent dozens or maybe hundreds of people to some of your favorite places.

Don't you want to track how many people followed your advice?

Don't you want businesses that you sent all those folks to know it too?​

Join the DropSpot Influencer Network, and we'll share how many times folks visit your list of favorite spots,
and even how many showed up as a result. 

Be Authentic

Ever wonder why people ask you so much for your opinion on where to go?
It's because you are a local.
You have insight into the local scene. 
You know what is good and what isn't.
You can connect the person to the right spot based on your experience, and what they are telling you what they like. 
It's great that DropSpot can help get you credit for your awesome recommendations and amazing taste, but be authentic. 
Never forget that this is all about showing people a good time, and helping out local business along the way.

Track Your Influence