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DropSpot Insights

What You Get

Access to our network of local influencers.
With your monthly membership, you get to reach out to the DropSpot Influencer network once a month to run any promotion you choose, or just ask questions of the network about how to do better. 
We'll provide you a monthly report that let's you measure the word-of-mouth marketing happening for your business. 
The number of locals that are recommending & referring your business. 
How many people looked at your business  
The visits that resulted from the recommendation
Find out how much the locals are helping your business.
DropSpot Insights starts at $200 per month.
But lucky you. We are running deep discounts for businesses that sign up early in their community. 
If you are an early adopter for your community, you can get up to 75% off the monthly fee for 6 months, and potentially earn lifetime premium status.
Contact us to see if you qualify for our early adopter program.

What It Costs